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Monday to Fri : 9:00am to 12:00pm, 2:00pm to 5:00pm  


At Kids Blossom, we are passionate in providing you with the highest quality services. When you book your appointment, the scheduled time is reserved specifically for your child. Late changes and ‘no shows’ not only affect therapist’s schedules and centre’s operation, but also interrupt your child’s progress. In line with industry standards, we would like to remind you that we have an attendance/cancellation policy that is strictly enforced, so we are able to plan our schedules accordingly and other child could receive a fair opportunity to get the support they need from our private practice. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for continued support in helping us to provide the best services.

Patients cancelling their appointments in less than the required 48-hour notice or without notice will result in a cancellation fee. The following charges shall apply.
Early Cancellation
(more than 48 hours)
No charge
Late Cancellation
(less than 48 hours)

No Call/ No Show without notification

100% of scheduled session fee charged
This fee is not covered by insurance or other third party payer and must be paid in full no later than your next appointment.
Cancellation due to sickness
In case of sudden illness, hospitalization, emergency doctor visit, appointments must be cancelled as early as possible prior to appointment time.
No charge if Medical certificate provided

100% of scheduled session fee if no medical certificate provided
This fee is not covered by insurance or other third party payer and must be paid in full no later than your next appointment.
Closing due to weather
If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or BLACK Rainstorm Signal is in force, our centre will be closed. Please refer to bad weather arrangement for details.
No charge

In order for therapy to be effective, it has to be regular and consistent. Therefore, regular attendance is crucial. In the event of frequent cancellations/missed appointments, we might not able to reserve the appointment time and it might be given to another person on our waiting list. In that case, we will place your child on our waiting list for therapy. If the regular appointment time is difficult to maintain, please discuss the possibility of a different time with us. We cannot guarantee an appointment to be held for an extended vacation for more than 2 months.


If Typhoon Signal No. 3 is hoisted, or YELLOW or RED Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force, ALL SESSIONS WILL BE HELD AS SCHEDULED, unless otherwise announced by the Centre and we will contact you. We do not necessarily closed because school is closed. Cancellation policy still applies that at least 24-hour notice is required for parents to cancel the session.


Session Arrangement

Yellow Rainstorm Warning


Red Rainstorm Warning

Typhoon No. 1 or 3

If Typhoon Signal no. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Signal is in force, the following arrangements shall apply.

Situation Session Arrangement
Typhoon No.8 or above /
Black Rainstorm
AM session
(Before 1:59pm)
PM session
(2:00pm - 5pm)
At or before 8:00am lowered Normal Normal
8:01am - 2:00pm lowered No session Normal
At or after 2:01pm lowered No session No session



Most health benefit plans provide coverage for physiotherapy; however, these benefits are different for each policy.
Please be aware that most insurance companies require a referral for physiotherapy from your doctor. Please check with your insurance companies for the policies before commencing physiotherapy treatment.


Payment is required at the time of your visit.
We accept either cash, FPS, bank transfer or cheque (made payable to “Kids Blossom Limited”).
Our fees vary depending on the service required. Please call to find out more.


Room 406, 4/F, Sing Shun Centre,495 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
(Lai Chi Kok MTR Exit C)




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