Believe every kid has infinite potential
to play, to move, to learn, and to blossom!

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Alignment Check Up

Flat head, torticollis (wry neck), round back, arch back, scoliosis, valgus knees, varus knees, flat feet……

Many adults’ pain problems are due to poor postural alignment. While babies also develop some alignment issues due to tight womb environment.

Early check up and treatment could prevent later health issues.

Sensory, Gross/Fine Motor Assessment

Kids learn and explore the world by moving!

Early intervention could greatly improve the kids’ all round development later.

We assess the gross and find motor skills of your kids.

DCD assessment

Clumsiness, frequent fall, slow writing speed, weak grasp…

About 6% of school aged kids have Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). Without intervention, the motor difficulties and psychosocial problems of children with DCD persist into adolescence and adulthood Specified therapy can improve the kids’ coordination, raise the self-awareness and self-condifence.



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