Believe every kid has infinite potential
to play, to move, to learn, and to blossom!

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Treatment Program

- Tailored made sensory motor program for kids
- Craniosacral Therapy
- Tailor-made ICB insoles
- Baby Massage
- TheraSuit Method® Intensive Program

(By appointment only)

Baby Massage

Across diverse cultures, baby massage is a tradition that is being re-discovered in developed countries. Touch is a universal form of communication, especially for babies who have yet to master language. Skin to skin contact is a powerful way for parents to express comfort and tenderness to their infants. Undivided attention and eye contact during massage also promote bonding – the foundation for a lifelong loving relationship between caregiver and infant.

We are Certified Infant Massage Instructors from International Association of Infant Massage. We offer massage for newborns up to one year old infants as a valuable way for parents to intimately connect with their babies. During each session, parents will learn to massage a different part of the body, progressing until the entire routine is learned.



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